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Bringing Style and Purpose into Your Life Through the Art of Interior Design

We absolutely love interior design. It is the heart and soul of our everyday existence and is what gets us excited to get to the office in the morning. We believe interior design is an opportunity to create real tangible value in your everyday environment. The physical spaces we interact with on a daily basis have a powerful affect on our mood and well-being. Every new project is an opportunity for us to make an impact and create powerful and prominent interiors full of soul and purpose.   


Ply interiors

Our studio's name, Ply, means to layer, twist and/or weave together. We believe interior design is a sum of parts working harmoniously to create intentional and beautiful spaces. 

Everything Emily creates is done through connection and intention.  Every detail is crucial to designing an interior that is special and unique to each project. Emily values working with clients who understand the positive impact of a well-designed interior environment and the investment it takes to create it.   

We believe great design takes trust

Ply Interiors works with both residential and boutique commercial clients to create bespoke interiors that are worth your time and investment.

+ strategic design consult
+ remodel/ renovation
+ new build interiors


Ply Interiors values a slower-paced, more intentional approach to every project. We are NOT a copy-paste design studio! We hope to capture home-owners and creative entrepreneurs that share our belief system and values in order to make this world a more beautiful place. 

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