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residential | commercial
up to 120 min consultation | $300 flat fee

Vagabond Design Co. is a full service interior design firm that focuses on residential and boutique style commercial spaces in the state of Virginia and beyond. We take our projects from concept to completion with the collaboration of other building and design professionals to curate a distinct vision seen in most of our work. Our signature modern organic style is continually inspired by the earthy and relaxed vibe of the west coast while maintaining a rich collected esthetic. We love mixing materials, styles and eras in order to achieve our ever evolving eclectic vibe. Our process includes concept to design development, construction documents and project administration. We completely understand that no two projects are the same and work to create a proposal that fits the needs of our client. 

Are you venturing on a small DIY project and need some help making design decisions? Are you needing some professional feedback on all those Pinterest pictures that are overwhelming you and you want to implement into your home or business? Are you just plain paralyzed by the decision making process and would like some affirmation and out of the box suggestions? Don't worry! We got ya! We offer a personal and professional in-home consultation up to 120 mins to answer all your important design and home decor questions. 

residential | $125/hr
commercial | $125/hr



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