Ply  [plahy] 
To layer, twist or weave together to create a stronger product. 


THE GOAL is very simple.
We Build Trusting Partnerships with Our Clients to Create Unique Interiors that are Purposeful & Beautiful.

Our mission every single project is to design an interior that is as unique as the family or business living and/or working within that space.  It is 100% essential to build a strong, trustworthy relationship with our clients in order create an environment worth every penny you are investing! Through multiple meetings, curated material samples, inspiring mood boards, architectural drawings, site visits and installation, we bring to life the business or home you have been dreaming of! We value the blurred line between client and friendship... We feel this is what sets us apart from the rest and makes us not only approachable but accountable!  Kindness and trust matter! We love to think outside the box, create interesting and valuable spaces and produce an end result worth your investment! It is our goal to take every project and make it as unique, beautiful and worthy as you!

THE GOAL is very simple.We Build Trusting Partnerships with Our Clients to Create Unique Interiors that are Purposeful & Beautiful.

Hello there,
I'm Emily Webb

(she/her), Professional Vintage Chair Collector, Mompreneur + Creative Director behind Ply Interiors

Like you, Ive always found myself drawn to interiors that are designed to be both intentional and beautiful. With these ideas in mind, I strategically curate interiors for small businesses and home owners alike with lasting value. Earning my MFA in Interior Design has afforded me the opportunity to understand the built environment and how style and purpose create real tangible value into our everyday environment and can have a positive effect on our mood and well-being. 
When I am not in my office creating mood boards and sketching floor plans from my Virginia-based home studio,  you can usually find me buying ALL the mid-century modern chairs, drinking a hoppy IPA from a local brewery, binge watching the next "it" show or spending time with my silver-fox of a husband, two amazing blonde headed children and our crazy Blue Heeler, Bodhi. 
I seriously cannot wait to meet you! Cheers! 

my favorite part of my job? the end result! DUH! 


always wearing t-shirt + jeans 
tacos are life
jam band obsessed
broadway junkie
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play hard, rest harder

I get compliments all the time from my patients! Highly recommend!

- Dr. Ben S. 


pops of color

artisan products

natural elements + texture + imperfections

mixed metals


Ready to take your space to the next level?

Every project, whether small or large starts with a consultation. Send an email or drop me a DM and let's get you on the calendar! We cannot wait to meet you and see your space! 

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